My Book

The Miracle of Hospice:
A Personal Journey of a Hospice Nurse

The Miracle of Hospice; The Personal Journey of a Hospice Nurse is designed to offer information and emotional support to a wide audience of people who may be faced with their own death or the death of a loved one, or those who just want to be informed about what hospice is and what it is not. By merging elements of memoir, reflection, information and gentle self-help, The Miracle of Hospice demystifies the work of hospice as it ministers to the dying and their families. By tracing one day in the life of a hospice nurse, the author explains in detail how hospice staffers work and debunks as well, some of the damaging myths about end-of-life care while sharing her own journey as hospice nurse and caregiver to her own parents. The book is laced with personal stories of the hospice patients and families she has had the privilege to serve in her 40 year career as a hospice nurse. The Miracle of Hospice portrays the human, humane and sometimes humorous side of hospice. Its three main sections put a vivid, personal face on the hospice patient and family, the hospice nurse, and the hospice team respectively.


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