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Labyrinth Facilitating

I am a trained Labyrinth Facilitator, through Veriditas, which is the organization that trains and certifies Labyrinth Facilitators. Any individual or group looking to work. The labyrinth, as part of a retreat, reunion or special gathering, please contact me at 413-563-1440.


As a facilitator, it is my job to hold non judgmental space for the good of the group. "Sacred space is a place you go to experience non-physical realms. These can be places of emotion, intuition, and of the spirit. It could be places like Stonehenge, a holy well. The Great Pyramid, a Native American medicine wheel, Solomon's Temple, a Japanese pagoda, or a labyrinth.”

-Sig Lanvgren in Labyrinths: Ancient Myths of Modern Uses



I received my master's degree in counseling psychology from Leslie College in 1997. The last five years of my career, I worked as a bereavement coordinator where I did grief counseling for groups and individuals. I have a certificate of training in pastoral counseling that I received from Saint Francis in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2012.


In 2013, I went through 10 weeks of life coaching with Brenda Edwards, a gifted medium and healer.


I have completed the initial eight week training in mindfulness based stress reduction. I practice mindfulness on a daily basis and have incorporated this practice into my daily life for many years.

Reiki & Reflexology

I have been trained at the Reiki Master level and I have been practicing Reiki for over 25 years.

Reiki is a hands on healing modality that operates on the principle of universal life force.


I also hold a certificate of training in Reflexology. Reflexology is based on meridians often referred to as “energy zones”. I mostly do foot reflexology although it can be used on the hands as well. The meridians that run through the body and in reflex points on the feet that correspond to all of the major organs and systems of the body.


Reflexology brings the body into balance and also promotes relaxation, improves circulation, releases toxins, and revitalizes energy or for those who do not wish to go on hospice but need the guidance from a knowledgeable source. I am available for support for family members, family meetings, teaching pain management, and symptom control and providing hands on care as well as sitting vigil.


Reiki & reflexology (see below) have proven to be invaluable modalities, for those making the transition from this life to the next.


Hospice Consulting

Many people are reluctant to receive hospice services. I see myself as a bridge that can soften the transition towards accepting this invaluable service.


My book, “The Miracle of Hospice”, has valuable information that can be useful for embracing life threatening illness.

Calm Sea
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